Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Home Theater Seating (Home theater pictures)

You’ve invested the time and money in putting together your perfect home theater system. You’ve got the best screen, the best speakers, and a brand new DVD projector. What’s next in making your experience complete? Specialized home theater seating can turn your bonus room into a deluxe movie palace.

If you’ve got an extra room to create a personal movie theater, home theater seating should be your next investment after the home theater system itself. For your sitting pleasure, there are several home theater seating options you can go for.

Your basic home theater seating is a home theater chair. These woven chairs come in several colors and are available individually for around $400, with a small discount per chair if ordered in rows. The home theater seating chairs can be upgraded to velour, nusuede (a synthetic suede) or leather for an additional cost. Most basic home theater seating chairs come with cup holders, as this is a popular feature for home theater enthusiasts.

The next upgrade in home theater seating is adding rocking to your chair’s function. Rocker chairs are available in woven fabric, nusuede and leather, just like the basic chairs. These rocking home theater seating chairs also include cup holders in the armrests. Rocker chairs range in price from $500 to $1200 depending on your choice of material.

Deluxe home theater seating rocker chairs feature armchair style arms, rather than the covered wood laminate arms. These home theater seating rocker chairs are priced around $1200 to $1700 for single chairs, with volume discounts for rows. They are available in velour, ultra suede, and leather, in a variety of colors.

If you are interested in home theater seating that looks a little less like it belongs in your local Cineplex, a home theater seating lounger may be for you. These chairs are designed to look more fitting in your home. Most are made of leather and feature deep seated comfort, like that of your favorite arm chair. The home theater seating lounger comes with drink holders installed in the wide arms. The arms are available in straight and wedge styles to best accommodate your home theater plan. Home theater seating loungers start at approximately $1800 for individual chairs.

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